ADD RAG IN UNDER 2 HOURS: Introducing RAGaaS (including GPT-4o)
Create ChatBots and Customize your LLM, Agents and VectorDBs via API, upload your data, add to pipeline and SHIP. No Deployments needed.

AI Productivity Tool

Boost your productivity with Proompty

Upload and categorize your documents in different topics and ask questions using a chat Q&A format. Support for 1000+ document formats.


Supports 1000+ document formats

Proompty can handle a wide range of document types to accommodate your needs


Categorize and organize

Easily categorize your documents into different topics for better organization and retrieval


AI-powered Q&A

Ask questions about your documents and get answers in a chat format powered by artificial intelligence

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Discover our unique features

Proompty offers a range of powerful features to enhance your productivity

Document Upload

Easily upload your documents in various formats and have them ready for analysis

Topic Categorization

Categorize your documents into different topics for efficient organization and retrieval

Q&A Chat Format

Ask questions about your documents using a chat-based interface and receive AI-generated answers

Unleash the power of AI productivity for effortless document management and knowledge discovery.

Easy to integrate RAG API

Master RAG customization with Proompty. Tailor RAG models precisely to your data needs.

Ship with a Fraction of Dev Hours

Accelerate your engagement in the RAG revolution. Focus on unlocking the full potential of your data.

Seamless Integration

Secure API access allows easy incorporation of Proompty’s RAG customization into your systems.

Competitive Advantage

Leverage tailored RAG models for deeper insights and swift decision-making.


Proompty evolves alongside advancements in LLMs, thanks to its forward-thinking architecture that capitalizes on the latest AI innovations.

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Questions and answers


How does the chat Q&A format work in Proompty?

With Proompty’s chat Q&A format, you can ask questions about your documents or specific topics, and the AI-powered system will provide relevant answers based on the content of your documents. It offers a conversational experience to help you find the information you need quickly.


Can I search for specific information within my documents?

Yes, Proompty includes a powerful search functionality that allows you to search for keywords or phrases within your uploaded documents. It scans the document contents and provides you with search results that match your query, making it easy to find specific information.


Is Proompty available for mobile devices?

Yes, Proompty is mobile-responsive, which means you can access and use it on various devices, including smartphones and tablets. You can upload, categorize, and ask questions about your documents on the go, ensuring productivity wherever you are.

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Streamline your workflow and unlock productivity with AI-powered document organization and intelligent Q&A capabilities.